Gay Rights In Russia

I have been following the Russian movement of not supporting equality for LGBT community. This is putting it lightly since they are doing anything and everything in their power to prevent equal rights.  The Russian government has enacted a series of anti-gay laws in their country, which have been passed and are now part of law.

The Russian government has put a “short-term”, “temporary” ban on Gay-pride parades, after a series of attacks on these parades, of 100 years. So for the next century gay-pride parades will not be allowed in Russia. Russia also passed a law, in June of this year, that bans people even talking about equal rights for gay people or about being gay, this law has been deemed by them as an “anti-propaganda law”. The next law that Russia has passed, prevents Russian children from being adopted by same-sex couples from not just Russia, but any country. They also went so far as to include single people, or unmarried straight couples from adopting as well, if you live in a country that allows same-sex marriage. There are as many as 600,000 Russian children that are up for adoption, that now are limited in this regard from possibly finding a loving family and a home. The next law that Russia is looking to pass contains provisions to allow the government to be able to enter any person in the countries home, and remove children from the care of their parents if those parents are gay. This includes adopted, foster, or biological children.

It has gone so far now that an American group, National Organization for Marriage, has been working with the Russian parliament in order to pass Russians adoption ban for same-sex couples. A leader of this organization, the president, has confirmed that he helped pass this law in the Russian government, and that he is proud of it. This seems to be just the beginning of what Vladamir Putin and the Russian government will be doing, in what seems to be an attempt to eradicate gay culture. Putin has been quoted as saying, “you know what don’t bring this homosexual propaganda into my country for the Olympics; we believe in one man, one woman marriage. There is no room for homosexual marriage in Russia.” What’s the next step? Death by being gay?

What this tells me is that if I was born today in Russia: My parents couldn’t talk about being gay, they couldn’t admit to being gay, they may have even second guessed having me due to all these laws. I could not be adopted by my non-birth mother, even though these are the only two parents that I’ve known and loved. Not only would they be arrested for talking about it, but I would be taken away from them. The government would think that I was better off in an orphanage rather than in the loving arms of a same-sex couple.

Words cannot even describe how wrong Vladamir Putin and the Russian government is, with what they are doing. You would think that the world is changing to be more accepting of all genders, cultures, ethnicities, origins, orientations, social classes, or any other characteristics of a person. Sadly this does not show the leaps and bounds that have been taken, and how far we have come, this shows how far we still have to go…