Coin is a new idea that is similar to the idea of but slightly different. Currently on preorder for $50 (full retail $100). This idea provides a very convenient way to carry your credit cards around. You now can take up to 8 credit cards and store the magnetic bar code information in the one Coin. This involves the use of a dongle and a smartphone application. This is available both on Android and iOS. Now all you will really need to leave the house with is your ID, Coin, and cash if you want it. I have already preorded this device, and it is currently supposed to be available June 2014.

For people like me, who have several cards in order to maximize your rewards on your credit cards this is an amazing idea. If you are worried about security and losing the card, fear not. If you move out of range of the LE Bluetooth, the card will deactivate so you’re cards are still safe. There are still some snags that the company has to get through with the credit card companies. However, hopefully this will come to light because it is definitely easier that carrying around all your cards with you


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