Project Ara

Project Ara  is Motorola’s new attempt at a modular smartphone. There is another company that will be working alongside Motorola, that is Phonebloks For those that aren’t familiar with the modular design concept, it is not for all product designs, but for a phone this is a solid concept. The “modular” idea is that you can have a standard base platform alongside a series of peripherals, of which, these peripherals can be interchangable (i.e. screen, battery, storage, etc.) So as new, more efficient, products come out, you can just replace the single part/component and keep the rest of your phone design, rather than having to buy an entirely new phone. This also allows for customization, so if you work in the cloud, you can remove most of the storage from the phone, and replace it with a longer lasting battery. If you take a lot of pictures, you can exchange for a better camera. This concept provides a very novel change to the current design of smartphone replacements.

Here is a link to the Motorola Blog for more information.

Disclaimer: This should not be considered an official advertisement or promotion of any of the mentioned products or brands. 


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