Boston Parking Improvement

New to South Boston is smart parking. Starting on Wednesday people will be able to use an app called “Parker” designed by Streetline, Inc in order to see if they can find parking in the Seaport area. Use the links at the bottom to direct to the apps, on Android and iOS. The city of Boston has installed smart parking sensors along the curbs on four streets; Seaport Boulevard, Congress St, Summer St, and Boston Wharf Rd. They have also installed new signs that help to drivers to find the quickest path out of the area. These signs will be installed at; Sleeper Street, just before Seaport Boulevard driving from Northern Avenue; East Service Road, just before Seaport Boulevard driving from Congress Street; and Seaport Boulevard, inbound at Congress Street. You can also create custom maps using Parker Maps.

Now you will be able to just pick up your phone and see if there is parking in the Seaport district. Hopefully this will improve ease of parking and travel all over Boston as well.

Source: Boston.comAndroidiOS