GOP Rant

So of course today is the day that I have witnessed my first government shutdown. I was too young to remember the previous government shutdown, as well as too young to know what was really happening. As I have gotten older, I now see what my parents were always talking about at the dinner table. How the government can produce meaningful changes, but also about how it can be completely detrimental to the public that it is supposed to be governing.

With the government shutdown now happening, all I can think about is how ineffective congress is being in this matter. If any person in their normal job, acts the way they are, there would be consequences to their actions. This shutdown will put over 800,000 people out of jobs while the shutdown occurs. Now while that is a small percentage of the population, however that is still over twice the number of average new jobless claims, over the past year. I am not pointing fingers at either party, as both parties have their own faults in this matter. This shutdown does not effect me directly, but that does not mean that I think it should be okay to do. We will see how this will effect the markets and economy in the coming weeks.

I hope to see congress be able to pass some sort of change that is bipartisan. As to where both parties stand right now, I do not see that happening. Both parties are hell bent on making sure that they get something out of the deal, and that the other loses something. The democrats effectively want no change to the current working order but don’t want to change anything that the republican party may want, whereas the republicans want to remove things that have been set in place and have already become law by previous democratic parties. They of course come to a crossroads, and sadly the public is standing at the intersection begging for change.

In the following weeks, I will be waiting to see the issue of congress addressing the debt ceiling. That will be for another post in the future. The real issue is that if the government deficit (the full faith and credit of the US government) is used as a weapon, the general public will end up taking the bullet from that gun.